This past week I learned that opportunity is not something that comes and knocks at your door. It’s something you chase after and obtain it however you can. It’s something that depends on your situation and all the people who is involved with you to help you achieve your goal. It arises with luck and holds on with will. Opportunity is something like that.

This is my definition of what ‘opportunity’ is. I say so because I have met people who are better off than me and my family, but wasn’t able to do what they wanted to because their parents weren’t supportive. I have met people who are very smart but forget to chase their dream however they can and end up not pursuing it. I have met people who has the opportunity but they didn’t have the willpower to complete their journey. I have met people who chased after their goal, had people to support them, and had the will but the situation did not comply with them.

I am only here because of the many people supporting my back, the people who make sure I can stand up again even when I fall. These people have sacrificed so much for me, and is willing to sacrifice even more. I feel extremely blessed to be so loved and cared for.

Opportunity is something as uncontrollable as that. I have it with luck after chasing it down, I only hope I have enough will power to hold on to it.


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