I’m the type to give up or forget about things I want to do. I’m the type to procrastinate and then go on forums to brag about being the ‘procrastination queen’. I’m the type to humiliate myself because it’s easier than getting hurt for feeling something. I’m the type who started two blogs and yet had to close it down because I could not keep up. I’m the type to plan every single hour and the next day I’m back to being me: the loser, the failure, the one who gave up too soon.

All of that changed. I graduated High School. For me it’s such a feat because I honestly thought I would quit. And now just look at me, I did it! I even went to prom and had a lovely time with my friends and now I’m looking at tomorrow with my arms open. I welcome it, I love it.

A levels came next and after a week, I even have a University offer. My life looks better than it ever used to. For me this blog is a reminder, that I can do things. I can move people and I can be happy.

This blog is also for everyone else who knows me, to remind them that I’m thinking of them and to thank them for the impact they had on a ‘loser’ who was running away from life. As independent as I am on the outside, I am so dependent on all the people around me. Without them I would have never made it.

I have embarked a journey and I’m onboard.


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